Release of Irmler+Liebezeit - Flut

And the next big news: Today is the release date for Irmler+Liebezeit record called "FLUT". You can buy the CD directly in our brand new webshop. The silk-screen LP with poster and download coupon will be shipped at the end of July. Special this month: No shipping costs in Germany and only 4€ for international shipping.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment you can only buy the record "FLUT". In a few days all other items will be listed in the webshop and available for purchase.

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Here we are: New website, our new logo, our manifest and a first release, too.

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The Klangbad collective is committed to nurturing and releasing genre bending music. We invite the uncalculated and inconclusive; the spontaneous improvised methods of making and expressing musical collaboration.

The Petty Thefts

The Petty Thefts are an indie rock band based in Ulm, Germany, centered around the duo of Frank Wegling from Cleveland, Ohio and Andrew McGinn from England. In 2007 their first full-length album was recorded at Klangbad Studios in southern Germany and is scheduled for release in 2008. While the group uses traditional rock instruments such as guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, they also employ an array of classical musical instruments, including cello, violin, flute and trumpet. This style of music has been referred to as Chamber Pop.


FEAT. Mike Adcock, Sylvia Hallett, Hans-Joachim Irmler, Mike Svoboda

Free Improv group led by Joachim Irmler. The CD came with an individual printed cover by artist Bernhard Maier, and was released in a limited edition of 500. Svoboda is ex- Frank Zappa and Stockhausen, Clive Bell ex-Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell, Silvia Hallett ex-British Summertime Ends and Mike Adcok ex-Lol Coxhill.

Parking Non-Stop

PARKING NON-STOP is a psychogeographical experiment in combining soundscape and field recordings with spoken word and music. In recent years Zoë Skoulding, Alan Holmes and Dewi Evans have built up a body of work that explores the sonic geography of a wider Europe within the context of north Wales, where they live. The main focus of this work is a series of musical pieces that integrate field recordings they have made in various European locations with recordings made in their own home studios.

Nista Nije Nista

Behind the already melodious name Nista Nije Nista hides an international all-female gang of four, whose members stem from Croatia, Australia, Austria and Germany. Nista Nije Nista play a highly ambitious game with sounds and language. Among their instruments are voices, two computers, two sewing machines and saxophone. The real quality of these sound-sketches lies in their tentative moves, the atmospheric distortions, the shreds of saxophone-sounds. A very sensual music, without the intellectual burden of the 'experiment'.


In 1976 singer Robert Lloyd and guitarist Alan Apperley formed The Prefects, Birmingham's first punk group. The band were part of The Clash's 'White Riot' tour, championed by John Peel and aquired legendary status, partly because they never released a record until they had split up. Since then interest has been of such that Rough Trade Records released a single, Peel's Strange Fruit label a 12' EP, Acute Records of NYC a retrospective compilation plus there has been a 'Live In 1978' CD.

Markku Peltola

Have you met Markku Peltola? No?! Well, maybe you have but cannot remember. Which is probably his problem as well, at least according to the script - Peltola played the main character in Aki Kaurismäki's prize-winning film "The Man Without A Past". After having been beaten up and proclaimed D.O.A., a man simply named "M" gets up from his hospital bed and walks out into the world just like that.


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