Davis Redford Triad-Mystical Path of the Number Eighty Six


01. Solar Aquarius    
02. Mysteries Of Cydonia     
03. Solar Aquarius (Slight Return)    
04. Hymn Of The Virgin Sun Queen     
05. Smoke Signals In The Rain    
06. The Mystical Path Of The Number Eighty Six     
07. Tambora Concrete

Holy Mountain released the first LP by Steven Wray Lobdell\\\'s Davis Redford Triad in the spring of 1997, following Lobdell\\\'s release from a mental institution and return to playing the guitar. The music just poured out of him. The heavy psychedelic guitar compositions on The Mystical Path-- think Takayanagi Masayuki backed by a Crazy Horse-like force attempting a "version" of Sun Ra\\\'s "The Invisible Shield" with organ, analog synth and various other electronics - managed to pull down maximum sky. Since that time, Lobdell has recorded two more albums for Holy Mountain and has produced two albums by Hochenkeit. After the purchase of a tapedeck similar to the one used for this recording, Mr. Lobdell located a few tracks presumed lost and became inspired to remix the entire album. This reissue restores the original sequence of the album and has new liner notes written by Lobdell. In addition, Holy Mountain is also pleased to announce an East Coast tour by the band to coincide with the reissue of this remarkable album."