FIFTY-FIFTY’s music is based on the idea of reduction: just two musicians. The music itself is boiled down to melody and rhythm. Thus they create space and transparency. The instruments are a piccolo drum kit consisting of a small drum, bass drum, cymbals and an afuché-shaker as hi-hat, plus toy piano and whistle. On top, soprano or tenor saxophone. Kniel drums with machine-like precision, weaving polymetric rhythms into acoustic loops. His circular-repetitive patterns arise from a deep calm: Zen-drumming in a highly complex simplicity. Rössle stretches out across this rhythmic base in a hallucinatory manner, letting his fantasy run free. His saxophone sound has a vocal quality. Maybe he can hear Bob Dylan singing in his ear while he improvises. Beyond instrumental technique lies the land of poetry. Everything is played live in real time - no overdubs! “Big respect!” came the reaction from John Zorn. caw