Immensely influential but painfully underrated: among others BRIAN ENO, DAVID BOWIE, AUTECHRE, TORTOISE, MOUSE ON MARS and PIVOT quote CLUSTER as a major inspiration.
the legend goes that ENO enjoyed working and hanging out with CLUSTER in their hideout in a former farm house in rural FORST (located in lower saxony) so much, that BOWIE literally had to drag his then producer back, to finish his album.
CLUSTER can be easily understood as "the originators of the space age" (as they have been dubbed in japan) or the forefathers of the recent COSMIC DISCO hype.
seen in concert, at the age of 74 and 65 HANS-JOACHIM ROEDELIUS and DIETER MOEBIUS are stronger and more vital than ever, maintaining their almost naive pleasure to improvise and constantly re-invent their unmistakable music on stage.

Some videos about Cluster: