Mary Ocher "Arms Remixes"

Mary Ocher "Arms Remixes"

A collection of remixes of "Arms" will be released Jan13th.
The collection Includes a vast diversity of contributors (from Jemek Jemowit to Peter Kirn), All profits from the collection will be forwarded to a Berlin based organization directly assisting war asylum seekers"

What is behind:

Images of guns appear in Israeli society everywhere, all the time, they are as visible on the street as mothers with baby-strollers and advertisements, and as such, they become invisible. Their prevalence makes you numb, as much as to the weapons themselves as to uniforms. It is only outside of that realm that you realize how discomforting such reality is, the guns are a reminder of the constant presence of violence.

In a militarist society, guns are associated with vitality, sexuality, strength, one's ability to defend oneself, as much as to assert their dominance over another. The hinted violence is glorified and the myth of the soldier is taught to young children in elementary schools.

A soldier depraved of a gun is a sissy. It is interesting to see how the phallic concept extends to female combatants, where the gun assumes a new role; a tool for emasculation?

Predominantly in the hands of 18-20 year-olds, as well as security staff and guards. They are everywhere whether you care to stop and notice or not.


"Arms" is taken from "The West Against The People", out on Klangbad, March 10, 2017.