New Mary Ocher 10" / Klangbad77

Mary Ocher closes 2017 with the release of a further trove of songs.
The "Faust Studio Sessions and Other Recordings" 10" is a collection of pieces whose vast majority was
recorded during the sessions that gave birth to "The West Against The People", Ocher's full-length release
that came out on Klangbad earlier this year to much praise, released alongside a sociopolitical essay and
further collaborations (Felix Kubin, Die Toedliche Doris).
These two weeks of recordings were made with Hans Joachim Irmler at the Faust Studio, which is located in

Die Gesänge des Maldoror

Faust Studio Concert

Keine weiteren Auskünfte „Er ist schön wie das zufällige Zusammentreffen einer Nähmaschine und eines Regenschirms auf einem Seziertisch!“ So also müssen wir uns den Leichnam des 24-Jährigen vorstellen, bevor ihn zwei Paar gleichgültiger Hände mit einem Hau-Ruck ins Massengrab wuppen, im November 1870, während der letzten Tage der Pariser Kommune, so berühmt und berüchtigt wie er, wie Lautréamont, Sänger des Bösen.

Audiac - So Waltz

They are back. 14 years after their highly recommended first record "Thank you for not discussing the outside world" Audiac’s new album “So Waltz” is resuming what critics rightfully called "soulfood for melancholics" then. It was once again produced by Hans-Joachim Irmler from Faust. Have a first listen. Release date: October 2017. Klangbad74.


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